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madnesswithin's Journal

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The Madness Within: An Icon Journal
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 the madness within

Curious, very curious... It seems you have happened upon
T H E   M A D N E S S   W I T H I N
...the LJ graphics community of
 halffling (Bikuki) and  inevendim (Mira).

Huzzah and welcome! Thanks for dropping by. The Madness, opened in May 2005, is the extravagantly bizarre product of our circuitous, crevasse-based rambliness! *gestures* ... Er, as well as our love for creating, posting and sharing icons, mood themes, tutorials, brushes, screencaps and graphics in general. If you note our interests below, you'll see the main subjects of our art and resources. Indeed, during your sojourn with us here at MW, it's likely you'll be surrounded by frequent and erratic fandom references, which are uttered without warning, coherence or logic. =) In fact, the name Madness Within is a reference in itself: a quotation from Alfonso Cuaron's brilliant 2004 film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban...

Remus Lupin: (commenting on the exciting, rugged and slightly insane appearance of Sirius) Finally, the flesh reflects the madness within!
Sirius Black: Well, you'd know all about the madness within, wouldn't you, Remus?

If you'd like to know a little more about the madness behind the Madness Within, venture to the main page. Otherwise, please take a look at the rules and links below before endeavouring to see the latest graphics we have to offer =)

 the madness within: rules

arr! keep to the code, savvy?

And yeah... they're more rules than guidelines. ;) We don't ask for much, but please abide by the following before snitching: (click on the "rules" graphic above for more detail.)

01. CREDIT! Please credit the community as a whole (madnesswithin) or our respective journals (Mira: inevendim, or Bikuki: halffling) in the icon's keywords/comments. For other goodies, a link to the community in your userinfo would be much appreciated! Don't know how to credit? Read our FAQ for a quick lesson!

02. COMMENT! If you decide to snitch, leave us a little comment saying so -- we love feedback, even if you're not taking!

03. DON'T steal, copy or alter! Don't take anything we make and claim that you created it. Graphics are to be left as is, unless otherwise specified. And we don't like thieves or copycats - but our fleet of Dementors do ;D

04. DON'T hotlink or repost! Never direct link to anything that we post. We also ask that you don't repost our works before asking permission.

05. Please DON'T join! Sorry, but this is a closed community, as only inevendim and halffling are allowed to post (for the time being). It doesn't mean that you can't watch it, though ;D We would love it if you added MW to your friends-list, since it'll be the best way to stay updated on our latest ramblings!

06. ASK! If you have a question, ask us! We're generally very friendly people, so don't be afraid ;) Do please read through The Guidelines and the FAQ before contacting us though, as we tried to answer the most frequently (and not-so-frequently) inquiries.

 the madness within: links

it's best to wait for the opportune moment

Indeed it is! And here are quick links to the main sections of the community:

 the madness within: affiliates

drink up me 'earties, yo ho

These are the best mates of the madness, so do drop them a visit. Interested? Click on the graphic above.

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Feel free to link back to us with any of the buttons below! (more to come)

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