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Mood Theme: iharthdarth!

Read: Rules | FAQ | Userinfo

*squee* It. Is. Done. Fin. Completo. At least, for the time being XD Seeing as iharthdarth is constantly being updated with even spiffier comics and doodles, this theme, too, will be updated as time goes on. Each time a new mood is created, I'll reupload the .zip file, and post the image (so instead of downloading the entire thing, you'd only have to save the new picture). Sadly, since iharthdarth has ended (WOE!) updates to this mood theme have been suspended.

But enough of my blabber:

Info, Previews & Download

WE HARTH iharthdarth! Therefore, a mood theme was in order! I have asked permission from iharthdarth to use the adorable images in this theme :D Alas, I believe I was quite slow in the process, as some people have beat me to sharing theirs. (plz fix grammar there, thx XD) I still am quite proud of it, so here it be for you to download!

If you don't abide by the rules, I'll send raging kittens in your direction :D
  • Please credit iharthdarth and me (halffling) when you use this theme :D (best place would be in your userinfo)
  • Comment if you're taking, I like to know where my hard work is going *loffs*
  • If you are snitching for use other than LJ, do say so. I don't mind, but I just want to know where it's being used.
  • Stealing and claming as your own gives me enough reason to laser your legs and arms off and leave you as a bleeding nub. Then set you on fire.
  • Likewise, please don't alter any of the moods or redistribute the files.
  • A paid account is required.
As I mentioned earlier, the theme is basically done, but if I wish to change/update one of the moods, it'll be reuploaded. Oh, and just to clarify, none of the images have been altered/redrawn/etc. They have been cropped in order to fit into the 90x40 box, yes, and I had to retype the text in some in order to make it fit - but I worked hard to keep the spirit and the theme of the comic in tact. :)

(132 moods, .gif, 90 x 40, installation file) [ download ] approx. 266 KB

01. Download the file above, and upload the images to your own server. Like PhotoBucket.com :)

02. The .zip file has something called "copypaste.txt" - open it.

03. Replace "http://yourserver.com/blah/" with where you uploaded the images.

04. Now, venture to LJ's Admin Console at lj.com/admin/console

05. Enter the following:

moodtheme_create "halffling's iharthdarth theme" "iharthdarth mood theme"

Click Execute.

06. Copy down the # given to you. Go back to "copypaste.txt" and replace all the moodIDnumber with the number you just copied down.

07. Still in Admin Console? Good! Now that you finished editing "copypaste.txt" - select all of the text there (if viewing in Notepad, make sure that "Word Wrap" is off!), copy and paste it into the Admin Console box. Click Execute.

09. Go to Modify Journal and under 'Mood Icons', select "halffling's iharthdarth theme." Click Save Changes and you're done!

If you need any further help, LJ has a help page for you to view.

Again, please remember to credit iharthdarth! :D


EDIT: 09 SEPT 2005 - Five new moods have been made (posted so you can right-click-save instead of redownloading the file), plus links to the originals in case you downloaded the new file but prefer the old moods. DO NOT HOTLINK OR REPOST.

Ditzy (original)
Ecstatic (original)
Exhausted (original)
Giggly (original)
Okay (original)
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